Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Using Flick'r for learning

  • Field trips - linking GPS data to the images - change over time, sharing student material in groups, within groups and between groups
  • Student induction - physical location of newcomers to institutions - navigation a new environment
  • Introduction to new class mates - familiarisation
  • Generate, gather, present and describe a bank of images which students now and in the future may legitimately use for purposes of projects, assessed work etc within the disciplines they are working in
  • Digital story telling - sources for this process may be presented on Flick'r
  • Developing collaborative ideas and processes - groups working together rather than individuals only presenting - groups/sets functionality and tagging protocols help to develop this e.g. use this tag if you have participated in our student conference altc2008
  • Sharing ideas, understanding and interpretations with crowd tagging, folders and "showcase" presentations - exemplars of objects/images - demonstrating best practice
  • Recording longitudinal processes - building projects, taking projects from planning to delivery with images illustrating stages...., decline and decay as well as evolution
  • Present a version of a conference

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